Day 29: Main and 21st Re-Visited

June 30th, 2010 by

Etched acrylic.

10.5cm x 50.5cm

I’ve always wanted to draw with light but it took me until now to realize that I could draw with shadow.

And it can beĀ  seen during the day.

More pics of the shadows on my blog.

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  1. sharkcellar says:

    You clever devil, you.

  2. Mr.Esty says:

    What an exciting idea!

  3. Keith Ikeda-Barry says:

    It was really fun, if noisy, to do. Just before the tool hit the acrylic for the first stroke I suddenly remembered that I would have to reverse the drawing if I wanted it to appear the right way round in the finished state. Thank goodness for light boxes!