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How To Link Image To Original

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

As we become more adept at using WordPress, we post tips we have learned in order to help all participants get their work on the site quickly and easily.

Here’s one that many of you may already know.

Most images have to be shrunk to fit properly into the blog. This simple one-click operation will turn the re-sized image into a button that links directly to the larger original.

When pasting in your image URL, paste it again into “Link Image To:” or simply click on “Link To Image”.

Viewers can then click on your re-sized image to see the larger original in a separate window.

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How To Resize Images

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Once you have inserted your image into your post, you can re-size it by clicking to select it and then dragging the corner handles.

If you have already posted, log in and click on Edit in the Posts menu on the left.

When dragging the corner handles, remember to hold down the Shift key to maintain the aspect ratio.

Drag it down to <500 pixels wide so it will fit nicely into the blog.

If you mess it up, select the pic and delete it from the post. Then click on Add An Image again.

See pic below for corner handles in the Edit Post window.

Some browsers don’t re-size images this way.

If your images look distorted in your daily Post, try this method of re-sizing:

Edit your Post, and click on the image to highlight it. Two icons will appear in the top left corner: Edit and Delete.

Click on Edit (the one that looks like a landscape/mountain scene).
In the Edit Image overlay, select a smaller display size by clicking on the appropriate percentage. Better to have it a bit too small than too large.

Remember, keep the width of the image at 500 pixels or less to prevent distortion.

Use the Comments to ask any questions!

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